This is a WIP of a particle simulation I'm working on. The particles are hooked up to a fluid simulation that moves along a curve in the scene. The color of the each particle is determined by it's distance from the curve.

This is a test render of the first shot of my thesis! The animated hands are pre-fractured and individual pieces are triggered to simulate using hidden geometry in the scene. Copy-stamped particles are then released from the triggered fractures. The composite switches between the unfractured and fractured hand renders to make it look as if the hands are crumbling from the motion. I threw in a simple zdefocus in the nuke composite to make it look it bit more complete. Still have some more compositing to do, but I'm really happy with how it is turning out!

This is another particle simulation WIP. The particles are birthed from the surface of the character based on the animated color noise I created. When the red value reaches a specific level, the faces of the character are deleted and the particles cease. 

This was a small project I did to learn more about fluid and RBD simulations. The box is a whole object and then is switched out for the fractured one when the ball hits it, allowing the water to pour out. 

This was a group project I worked on. I created the character model, character rig, and the vanishing "goo" simulation on the surface of the character. 

Having some fun with Houdini flip fluids! I put a temperature attribute on a plane which moved in the scene. As the plane hit the flip particles, it transfered the temperature attribute which triggered them to melt with changing viscosity.

Here are some spark and smoke fx simulations I did for the ABC show "Time After Time" while working with the awesome team at Alkemy X! All sims created using Houdini FX.

Here is a shatter simulation I created using Houdini for Snoop Dogg's music video for "Revolution"! The music video was made by the talented people at A Plus Filmz.