I created this character model based on a concept by the talented Denis Zilber.

This was a group project in which I modeled the steampunk Kraken and modeled / textured the water. 

This was a group project. I modeled and rigged the boy character. 

This is the main character for my thesis project, based loosely on a design done for me by my friend Courtney Scriven. The body and eyeglasses were modeled in Maya, the facial details (wrinkles, moles, etc) were sculpted in ZBrush, and the clothing was made in Marvelous Designer, then retopologized in Maya and ZBrush for later cloth simulation. The hair sculpt is a basic stand-in for the hair simulation I'll be doing.


A year and a half ago, I did some modeling for a project called "MIR No More" about the Russian satellite MIR that was taken out of service and fell to earth. Well, it finally premiered! Here's a look at the modeling I did in it's final form! I created one of the satellite modules in Maya.

Here's a look at some of the rigging from my thesis! The character was rigged in Maya and has a special IK / FK snapping MEL script that I wrote. The rig features IK / FK snapping, optional stretchy limbs and torso, limb twisting, and a blendshape based facial rig. The vines are rigged using using flow paths, point on curve constraints, and point on poly constraints, to have a growing vines that move along with the animation of the body. I automated many of these processes using Python scripting.