This is a demo of a small script I wrote. When using Arnold renderer with transparent materials, you have to uncheck "opaque" on every object with transparency. Since I had hundreds of objects that needed this unchecked, I wrote a little script to do them all at once. First I tried using override sets, which I normally use to catclark objects, but for some reason that didn't work with the aiOpaque checkbox. Instead, I wrote this to job instead. I've also adapted this script to change other settings in bulk, so it's been very useful.


Pretty cool vines, right? Well thank goodness for scripting, otherwise I might've gone crazy rigging them. For these vines, I used point on curve constraints to bind the flow path curve to the animated object. This would be fine normally, except that each curve had 80 to 120 edit points on the curves! Going through every single edit point and creating a constraint would've been insanity, so I created a nifty little script that created the constraint on each point all at once. Scripting to the rescue!


Here's a demo of a pipeline script I wrote while interning at Smoke & Mirrors. The python-based script creates all of the folders necessary for their standard CG pipeline, and is customizable for whatever tools and software they plan on using.