Frozen II - Walt Disney Animation Studio 

These shots are a sample of the work I did on Frozen II.


1-4. I created the ground destruction rig that was used by multiple artists in this forest destruction sequence, the prequel sequence, and during Olaf's song. These are a sampling of the destruction shots I did myself. I also worked on the vegetation interaction and the tree bend / shake interaction.

5. I helped design the ice, and then modeled it procedurally. The animation involves procedural growth, smoke, particles, and a shatter simulation.

6-7. Utilized the same ground destruction rig as seen in the forest sequence (shots 1-4 here). I also simulated an additional dust blast element for these shots, along with the vegetation interaction and the tree bend / shake.

8-9. I simulated smoke elements for "cold breath".

10. I simulated particle and smoke snow-dust kick-up from the Nokk's hooves.