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Houdini FX 3D Animation Showreel Breakdown:

1-2. "Encanto", Walt Disney Animation Studios, November 2021. I created glowing rainbow particles and animated texture mattes to to show the Casita's magic coming back to life.

3-4. "Encanto", Walt Disney Animation Studios, November 2021. I created this sand pour rig using particle and grain simulations. The rig was designed to pour sand from the bucket and allowed for the path to be edited to fit the desired course when the animation deviated from this. This rig was also used by another artist later in the movie when the family rebuilds the Casita.

5-6. "Encanto", Walt Disney Animation Studios, November 2021. I created these shots of Bruno's sand vision magic and maelstrom using a complex rig of particles and fluid dynamics. The image of the Mirabel and the Casita were created from flattened 3D objects with scattered particles that were then projected into the simulation.

7. "Encanto Teaser", Walt Disney Animation Studio
s, November 2021. I simulated coffee in this shot for the teaser trailer. The poured coffee was made with a fluid simulation, while the other coffees were created procedurally to simplify the process.

8. "Encanto", Walt Disney Animation Studios, November 2021. In this shot, I created the destruction by first simulating some of the Casita's floor tiles flying free from the animated floor and out of the house. I then used those simulated tiles to trigger an rigid body simulation of broken house elements, including roof beams, furniture, and wall elements. The RBD simulation was then used to layer in a smoke, dust, and debris simulation to add in smaller particulate and elements.

9. "Encanto", Walt Disney Animation Studios, November 2021. I created a confetti rig that I used in several shots across the "Surface Pressure" musical sequence. The rig was made with a particle simulation stamped with squares that had a soft landing flat on the ground. The rig included settings to remove individual pieces of confetti and to filter out larger segments as desired.

10-14. "Frozen II", Walt Disney Animation Studios, August 2019. I created the ground destruction rig that was used by multiple artists in the Forest destruction sequence, the prequel sequence, and during Olaf's song. These are a sampling of the destruction shots I did myself. I also worked on the vegetation interaction, tree bend / shake interaction, and the smokey dust blast.

15. "Frozen II", Walt Disney Animation Studios, August 2019. I helped design the ice, and then modeled it procedurally. The animation involves procedural growth, smoke, particles, and a shatter simulation.

16-17. "Once Upon A Snowman", Walt Disney Animation Studios, November 2019. I simulated the snow interactions for these shots and more in this short film.


18-24. "Elemental", Pixar, September 2022. I simulated, edited, and cleaned up the water rig for the character Wade in the feature film "Elemental". I added in various bubble, splash, sweat, and steam elements across multiple shots.

25. "Cars On The Road", Pixar, September 2022. I designed and created this layered ghost edge interaction effect to show how the ghost cars go through solid objects. This effect includes procedurally generated geometry layered with a smoke simulation.

26-28. "Cars On The Road", Pixar, September 2022. I simulated mulch being pushed around by Lightning McQueen and Ivy throughout this sequence. The flying mulch was created using rigid body dynamics.  

29-33. "Cars On The Road", Pixar, September 2022. In the episode "Road Rumblers", I created flamethrowers that are shot from the flame guns on top of the cars and from inside the Thunder Cone. My work in this episode was nominated for an Annie Award for Best FX - TV / Media by ASIFA-Hollywood.

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